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"Don't settle for pest control that chases pest around your Hotel and chases your customers away"

Hotel / Resort Pest Management Program

Specifically Designed For the Hospitality industry

The Hotel / Resort Pest Management Program, Benefit's small and large Hotels / Resorts. Offering a complete pest management plan – from elimination to prevention and ensures prompt action at the first sign of any pest activity.

This effective program includes targeted pest management solutions for every area, Elimination and Prevention of Ants, Cockroches, Flying & Crawling insects, and Rodents

If your hotel is serious about protecting its brands reputation
, then this pest management program is the best option.

Monthly Service Program Detail

1.)  Inspection and Treatment of exterior areas
2.)  Inspection and Treatment of all un-occupied guest rooms
3.)  Inspection and Treatment of all food service and common areas
4.)  Check all rodent traps & renew bait in exterior
Rodent Control Devices

5.)  Document all areas inspected, actions taken and rooms treated.

Weekly Follow up Detail

1.)  Check with Front Desk and Housekeeping staff re: any problems,
2.)  Inspect and Treat All Unserviced guest rooms that are available.
3.)  Inspect all food service and common areas, Re-treat if needed.
4.)  Check All Rodent Control Devices
5.)  Document all areas inspected and rooms treated.

This will ensure a consistent proactive pest management approach based on specific pest threats and customized to the hotel / resort industry.
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